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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sweetest Things of 2008 according to Me

2008 represented living the way I want to live without any apologies....

Lifestyle Changes:

  • Going Vegetarian/Vegan-ish. I feel good - better than ever. It is certainly an addictive lifestyle.
  • Becoming n NWA Worldperks Silver Elite member. Upgrade Me.
  • Finding a Dog Sitter. Last year, I struggled with travel due to lack of places to put my dog while I was gone. My dog sitter/good friend has relieved that anxiety and stress.



  • Slumdog Millionaire best movie ever.
  • Sex & The City The Movie

Trips Taken:

Hotel Stays:



  • @ Hard Rock Cafe Maui w/Marty Dread i remember dancing the night away....
  • @ Dakota Jazz Club w/ Amel Larrieux in Minneapolis this accounted for two nights. back-to-back
  • in New York on Broadway w/Chicago best show yet.
  • My Golden Birthday
  • NYE @ The W Hotel Minneapolis *smiles*


  • Furniture from Room & Board
  • the '05 Acura TL
  • Marciano Jacket
  • the iPhone. the ONLY thing I am not sold on with this phone is the fact that you can not text & drive. I KNOW! Not Safe. BUT with the Blackberry, I could text by feeling the keypad - without using my eyes....
  • Shuella. Talk about saving lives... the lives of my Stilettos!
  • Big Soft Fuzzy Grey Blanket


  • Lemonade Flavored Toothpaste did I ever mention that anything mint or cinnamon gag me?
  • Blogspot
  • That I am moving back to Chicago

  • "If you wait to do everything until you're sure it's right, you'll probably never do much of anything."

Friday, December 26, 2008

Vegans Taste Better

People seem to be amazed at my ability to cut meat, dairy, caffeine, and processed foods out of my lifestyle. These are all items that I consider non-foods and think twice before the consideration of consuming any of these items.

Most of the food I eat consists of fresh, organic, pure, raw food that has not shot, slaughtered, bleached, processed, canned, or preserved. Forgive me now for the un-willingness to let go of creme brulee, sushi & cheesecake. On the other hand, non-food items such as doritos, soda, store-bought cookies, and milk are snubbed upon.

Christmas is a holiday of indulgence. A time of the year that people are willing to sacrifice their slender or not-so-slender figures, and their strict diets to over-stuff their faces with all of the traditional holiday dishes that knowingly will contribute excess weight around the waistline. Commonly, the guilt eventually sets in, a New Years Resolution is made... and then never followed.

My family, being of no exception, makes the same holiday meal every year: turkey, ham, beef, canned green beans drenched in cheese sauce, buttered rolls, mashed potatoes and gravy, cheese cubes, and summer sausage... blah blah....

My family could not wrap their minds around my decision to not eat most of the foods served. It is challenging for me to give an honest answer to the sarcastic questions being asked by my over-weight family members. Honestly, I tried to ignore the questions (although tough) and simply reassure them that I feel good and am not going to lose weight to the point of anorexia. On my way out, they offered me a plate of ham to take home. Funny.

Last night, an old friend re-surfaced - they always do during the holidays. Although we have not spoken to each other in months, he decided to wish me a Merry Christmas via text message.

I can vividly remember a night last winter that him and I decided to step out and take on the city. On that chilly evening, prior to drinks and dancing at Lumen, we decided to start our evening over Sushi. At that restaurant, he made a few comments that have never left my memory. "I hate picky eaters. I need a girl that is willing to try new things." he said. I nodded in agreement, and reassured him that I was always willing to try new things.

Things have changed since that night. I HAVE tried new things. Plenty of new things - but not the type of 'new things' he had in mind. What's new to me this year is conciousness. Conciousness about the food I feed my body, and better yet the non-food I don't feed my body. I also have a new standard with the guys I will date. He will be concious of the food he feeds his body and will always remain meat-free.

When I informed Bachelor #1 that had re-surfaced of my new vegan-ish lifestyle, he immediately informed me of his dis-interest in me. It's all good - hours earlier, I had informed him of my dis-interest in him. I win.

To meet my standard, Mr. McDreamy must be willing to transform in the form of a Veg.

Afterall, vegans do taste better. No dead, rotting, decomposing flesh in our intestines. At most.... some pineapples and strawberries.

To take it one step further, without laying it all on the line... Did I mention that I frown down upon anyone un-willing to recycle?

*I understand that I contradict myself in this blog calling myself vegan, but admitting to eating foods such as Creme Brulee (OBVIOUS I'm not giving THAT up) & Sushi. I do not attest to being 100% vegan - but I have adapted a lifestyle similar to that of a vegan, and carry the same morals & conciousness.

xox Skinny Bitch

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

gone home

Fort Wayne. "Home." not 'home' to me, rather 'home' to my family.
nothing fancy about this place... besides my mothers car and the piano player at Von Maur.

i grew up here. from the age of 6 to the age of 21.

everyone moves so slow. nothing changes. everything stays the same. upon entering the Fort, i am perceived as the same person i was 5-10-15 years ago. a flawed teenager. that could not smoke a cigarette, dropped out of high school for a month, and dated all of the wrong guys. i will also always and forever be labeled as bric's ex-girlfriend.

i see the same people, shopping the same stores, at the same mall- all of the people slightly pudgier than in the past. i take a double glances as if trying to remember what interaction (if any) i had with these familiar-looking people.

i shop with my mother -giving her the opportunity to show off the daughter that she seems so proud of, that she is proud to have be-friended. she trots me in the bank, the nail shop, the coffee shop - these places that she visits frequently. she takes the opportunity to introduce me to the bank teller, the barista, the manicurist, the chinese lady. she receives plenty of compliments - she thrives off compliments.

i am reminded of the distance between my mother and i when her husband refuses to show his face the entire 36 hours i visit their home. he keeps himself locked in the bedroom. my mother takes him a plate full of food... and returns with an empty plate.

pops. he's a good guy. a man of honesty. messy, yet systematic. he appreciates the simpler things in life. he provides highly intellectual conversation during road trips to grandpa's place. content included: Colorado Snow Tire Chains Laws, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar, ”Santa Baby” by Taylor Swift, Sunflowers grown in Colorado, The rice production in Sacramento, & ”a 40 Caliber Glock.

both of my parents homes are still filled with gifts that i have given them in prior years: elephant candles, picture frames, angel ornaments, george foreman grills, and spoon rests. both of their refrigerators are still filled with diet cokes. pops still keeps 24 packs of sams choice water from wal-mart... for me.

Fort Wayne is a dark place, one that i do not associate with positive happenings. the young boys carry guns and weapons... while at work... while at the club... while holding their babies. my brother, being one of these boys has become a product of his environment. he is impossible, stubborn, a heavily-opinionated jesus-worshiping republican.

On Sunday, I will leave Fort Wayne via the "Fort Wayne International Airport." And I will not be back for another year.

there is no place like home... right?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tis The Season - Part 2

Naturally, when I went to start my car this morning, it would not start. Remember how I just purchased it, AND I park in the garage? No one / no car is immune - not even the Acura.


Instead of working, I was confined to my condo with unpacking, re-packing, and gift wrapping to handle.

I am headed 'home' to Fort Wayne, Indiana tomorrow for the first time in one year. I only go 'home' once a year for various reasons including: airfare, driving time, lack of interest, my busy work schedule, AND I live in the middle of BFE with no outlet to the outside world (not really, but it feels that way sometimes.)

I went back to Fort Wayne last year, and the trip turned in to a complete disaster. Flights were cancelled, luggage was lost, I was trapped in an undesirable location: The Airport (for hours and hours and hours.)

I got a phone call from pops this morning only to find out he has been without power since Friday afternoon- him and 50,000 + other people in Fort Wayne!

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - December 2008 Ice
Storm Update: 3:00 PM, 12/21/2008

Indiana Michigan Power continues to make progress on restoring
power despite hazardous weather conditions.

However, some customers
are experiencing repeated service interruptions today as a result of strong
winds in the area. I&M is advising customers to ensure alternate living
arrangements either through American Red Cross shelters (listed below) or with
family and friends, if they are in need of housing.

Weather forecasts for the remainder of today and
into the evening call for sustained winds of 20 -25 mph with gusts up to 40

As of 3 p.m. Sunday, about 54,400
I&M customers are awaiting restoration of electric service, primarily in the
Fort Wayne area.

I&M has brought in more
than 1,200 additional personnel to restore power to the Fort Wayne region and is
expecting more assistance to arrive today.

Property owners must make sure that the service entrance attached
to their structure is prepared to be reenergized.

I have spent the last 2 weekends in airports that are notorious for flight delays and cancellations. Out of the 4 flights I had scheduled, only one was cancelled and I was able to hop an earlier flight out that day (not without DRAMA.) My flight tomorrow with mark my 5th & 6th flight out of Minnesota in the dead of winter. Remember: Traveling is not always glamorous.... especially when 50,000 + people are without power in -2 temperatures, and another ice storm is anticipated at your final destination.

So, tomorrow marks the day for Crista's Holiday Adventure 2008.




(seriously. I could swear the W Hotel caters to my EXACT needs and wants)

W Hotel = My Love

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis The Season

The holidays are a time of year for bright lights, bling bling, snow-topped trees (and cars), glitteratti, gift wrap, overwhelmingly large ribbons and bows, ice skating, shopping, and gift giving. Oh, and ...pumpkin pie.

Gift-giving is by far my favorite part of the holidays (the EXACT reason there will be no Hannukah celebrating for me this year.) I equally enjoy wrapping paper (and bling.) Despite my previous anxiety over the fact that "thoughtful" gifts can be quite challenging to 'think of', I have made my final decisions and am confident in the gifts that I am gifting this year.

Although gift-giving is much more important to me than receiving, I need you to refer back to my Christmas List. There are important updates to share. (updates are hi-lited in red)

My Official 2008 Christmas List:

  • a remote car starter (...no updates at this time)
  • The Little Mermaid II (I purchased this for myself - could not wait!!)
  • A new mobile phone (anything but a blackberry. must have GPS) (CHECK...100% sold on the iPhone. I have gotten wind that I will be receiving some $$ towards my new iPhone ..thx mom!)
  • a gift certificate to MAC (this was a just in case kinda thing... a girl can always use more MAKEUP!)
  • a new bed frame (...hm.. no updates)
  • a blingin watch (I am ALWAYS looking for a watch that outblings my current one) (i just received a new watch for my birthday. gucci. out-blings the DKNY's that I'm always rockin....)
  • a filing cabinet from West Elm (CHECK. i am staring at an un-assembled filing cabinet sitting in the middle of my living room... thx dad)
  • book shelves from West Elm (CHECK. 250$ GC to West Elm arrived in the mail. whoppee!)
  • for my (new) car to be fixed because someone backed in to it last night!! GC to the auto body shop? (...yeah... my car still sits with a slight amount of damage. makes me sick to my stomach to think about.)
  • OR a vacation home in Bora Bora ((drool)) (yeah... no updates... maybe that will be the grande finale surprise.)
Did I mention the rice cooker and pots & pans that Santa will be leaving under the tree for me?

Originally, I created my Christmas list as a joke...

On a more serious note, here are a few items that I would like to add to my Holiday slash Everyday List:

  • The diminishment of all ego
  • A world full of vegans
  • A new perspective
  • Wisdom
  • Children Who Behave (other peoples children -of COURSE my children would be angels)
  • Parents who discipline
  • Alternate identities
  • Freedom from guilt and regret
  • Every day to be a vacation day
  • One of everything
  • World Peace
  • a 6 pack
  • Vegan Dog Food


xox. Bird*

Thursday, December 11, 2008

you had me at 'hello'

I have dated many different types of guys throughout my 26 years of life. ('Dating' being a word used very loosely.)

-Seriously... Jaguar Drivers, truck washers, former exotic dancers, home owners, fathers, republicans, co-op shoppers, ice cream eaters, BMX riders, city slickers, salesmen (the worst!!), small town boys... you get the point.

My mind was stirred after reading a post written by one of my favorite bloggers, titled "What's your type, baby?." While reading the post, I realized that we all have our own standard of person we are willing to date. Do we always follow that standard to ensure that our Better Half falls within the guideline of our "type"? I had to think long and hard about "my type" of guy. But here it goes.....

He's Heavily Opinionated (im not saying judgemental) yet Open-Minded. He's Intuitive and Ambitious. He's Independent and enjoys living alone. He is a Man Of His Word and does what he says he's going to do. He's Humorous in a dry smirkish kind of way. He's Moderately Stubborn, and Cautious (non-committal?!?) He's Non-Materialistic and does not own an Xbox or Wii. He is Clean and Tidy - but no perfectionist. He throws away holey underwear and socks. He enjoys being home and can entertain himself in the absence of a television. He is passionate but doesn't have an overwhelming desire for intimacy.

I have realized that an amazing personality is much more attractive than a pretty face (although he MUST have an amazing smile - and smile often). I would much prefer to hang with someone that will stimulate my intellect through topics such as:

  • Nutrition: I am veg ...therefore he MUST be veg... and healthy. We need to be able to share meals during an occasional restaurant visit. and let's face it, I will not allow dead rotting flesh in my kitchen.

  • Culture: He would come well-equipped with a natural concern in matters such as the arts, manners, religion, music, worldly news, and conciousness of this earth.

  • Music: An eclectic taste in music is crucial. I would expect him to introduce me to music I had never heard. No gangster rap, bubble gum pop music, or head banging obnoxiousness on my guy's IPOD.

  • Travel: No second date for the guy that has not travelled out of his home state. No First date for the guy unwilling to travel outside of his home state.

Although looks are not of high importance when it comes to choosing my Potential Better Half, An amazing ass (especially in jeans) is a Bonus - borderline crucial. (i'm just sayin..)

He may be spotted wearing Sport Coats & Pumas. Straight leg pants or Diesel Jeans - accessorized by a fancy belt. A cashemere sweater, or a v-neck t-shirt smothered in the scent of a man. My man. He dresses simply and let's his personality do the talking.

*Immediate action given to the man hiding tightie whities and a wife beater underneathe his outer layer of clothing. (Wanna come over tonight??)

His style would be subtle, but unique.

Perfection would entail bottling all of this up and transforming him in to the form of creme brulee.

Although, I would claim to be willing to overlook this criteria for the man that has an excessive amount of dough $$ in his bank account, BUT I am not swooned by offers of cash advancements and expensive material goods. I am simply turned off by the exterior vulnerability and the willingness to exchange "love" for $$.

kiss my wounds
love me tender
buy me flowers i've never seen
wake me up from my dreams
to bring me french toast and tea
in the morning light
fly across country to spend
the night
you said you'd steer a boat across the atlantic
cuz you're so f*ck'n romantic
i can't stand it
when i look in your eyes
unconditionalness sweetness uncompromised
you set the standard for many things
i wasn't sure what it would bring
you're so f*ck'n romantic
other men wouldn't call
just to say "i love you"
take your time
but i miss you
is it okay
if i see you
i'll kiss you everywhere anywhere
damn sure, me
please let this moment be
you're always tempting me
cuz you're so f*ck'n romantic
we say the same words
at the same time
i start a sentence
you finish mine
laugh at my jokes when i wanna cry
and when i feel lost
i look in your eyes
even in front of your boys
you wouldn't lie
you say"i gotta see my baby tonight"
cuz you're so f*ck'n romantic
kiss me 'til i'm frantic
PS. Did I mention that I will only settle for a domesticated man? One that cooks, cleans, does dishes, AND laundry?
i'm just sayin'

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

: : : NEWS FLASH : : :

MINNEAPOLIS — A number of young Somali men in Minneapolis have gone missing in recent months, and some fear the youths are being recruited to return to their homeland to fight with terrorist groups.

One of the men who disappeared is believed to have
killed himself in an Oct. 29 suicide bombing in northern Somalia, according to a
U.S. law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity because the
official was not authorized to speak publicly about the case. That official
confirmed the FBI and Justice Department were investigating.

U.S. law enforcement official, also speaking on condition of anonymity, said
authorities are calling it one of the first instances in which a U.S. citizen
has acted as a suicide bomber.

The Oct. 29 bombings included a series of
five seemingly coordinated attacks in the breakaway republic of Somaliland and
the Somalia's Puntland region. More than 20 people were killed.

aware of the circumstances in Somalia right now and the events of the Oct. 29
bombings. And we are aware that a number of individuals from throughout the U.S.
and Minneapolis have traveled to Somalia to potentially fight for terrorist
groups," said Special Agent E.K. Wilson, an FBI spokesman.

Members of the Somali community in
Minneapolis said small groups of young men have been disappearing over the last
year. Anywhere from 15 to 20 have left Minneapolis in recent months, said Omar
Jamal, executive director of the Somali Justice Advocacy Center.

know for a fact this is happening, but we don't know who is doing it," he said.

Osman Ahmed, a Somali activist, said his 17-year-old nephew is among a
group of at least seven people who went missing Nov. 4.

The Associated
Press is honoring Ahmed's request to withhold the name of the teen for the
youth's safety. Ahmed said the teen came to the U.S. as a young child and was an
American citizen, like the others who left that day.

Ahmed said his
nephew was a high school senior and had a normal routine of going to school,
going home then going to the mosque.

"He was a very nice guy," Ahmed
said. "He was very clever. Very shy. Very cool."

On Nov. 4, he told his
mother a friend would pick him up from school, but he never came home.

"We started checking hospitals, we went to the police station," Ahmed

The family then realized that the teen's U.S. passport was
missing, and Ahmed said authorities found a flight itinerary showing the teen
arriving in Nairobi, Kenya, on Nov. 5.

Within two days, the teen called
his mother, saying only that he was alive, safe and in Mogadishu, Somalia, Ahmed
said. The teen gave no other details and has not been heard from since.

"We are praying to see him one day," Ahmed said.

Ahmed, who has
been talking with other relatives of missing young men, said the families
received similar phone calls.

Some members of the Somali community are
concerned the young men are being recruited to go to Somalia and fight. The
impoverished nation on the Horn of Africa is caught up in an Islamic insurgency
and has not had a functioning government since 1991.

"It has to come to
an end right now," said Jamal. "It has to stop. ... We have so many families
grieving. We don't want any more kids to get brainwashed and programmed."

Jamal and Ahmed said it is suspicious because someone is providing money
and transportation for the men to fly from Minnesota to Africa.

nephew, he doesn't have money for a ticket," said Ahmed. "None of these kids

Jamal said he hopes the situation isn't a black eye for the state's
Somali community, which the U.S. Census numbered at more than 24,000 in 2006.
Local activists claim the actual number is higher than that.

"We hope
that this won't be an issue where the community will be looked at differently,"
Jamal said. "Somalis at large are very peaceful people. ... We don't want the
Somali community to be looked at as a group of suicide bombers."

Source: Fox News

Remember how I live in a predominantly somalian neighborhood?

Here is another piece of news (almost as serious):
You can utilize the check boxes below my posts to "react" to the post.
(told you it was serious)


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jet Setter

Fact: I travel much more often than the average person.

Myth: I live a secret life while away from home.

Most people get very excited when it comes to taking a trip far away from home.

An airplane ride is a big deal, and is booked several months in advance. A 6 hour road trip is thoroughly planned. Days and days are spent laying out the items being considered for packing. Money for the big trip is saved for months and months. Numerous thoughts & images of the mysterious destination flood the mind. The trip's itinereary is carefully thought through, only after reading numerous online reviews.

My traveling experience is slightly different. MOST of the time, I am on the road for some type of work event, being a Hair Show, Meeting, or simply to visit salons in markets outside of the Twin Cities. My boss lives in a different state than myself, I have a home office, and am only accompanied by one other co-worker in the Twin Cities. The only way to connect with my co-workers is through travel. Pack the bags, hop a plane, meet up with them in a new city. We have become so accustomed to traveling, we have learned to navigate through any city, and make whatever city we are in 'our life' for that period of time.

When I am on the road, the activities I involve myself are similar to those of the average working-class american: Shower, Iron, Makeup. Breakfast. Coffee. Text friends. Meeting. Work. Lunch. Text. Happy Hour. More Work. Dinner. Text more friends. Hit the streets. OR lay in bed, remote in hand, blogging. There is a slight chance, that I may have FREE TIME in the evening after work to meet up with a friend or two local to the city I am visiting. A slight chance.

Often times, I share a room with a co-worker of mine, have no privacy, no alone time, and am caught up in the presence of people that I do not see often. Catching up on the 411 is an obligation. Did I mention that I rarely see the outside of the hotel?

Being away from home for 10+ days, booking a flight less than 3 days in advance, blowing off a flight, navigating large airports, losing my luggage for 2+ days, being caught alone in cities overnight due to bad weather, hopping in random cabs, making friends with cabbies, staying the night in hotels ranging from boutique to Marriot to Days Inn, hopping a flight to New York, or catching a plane jumper from the islands to San Juan are all daily activities for me.

People often associate my traveling with this sort of 'mysterious life' I live. It is hard for them to visualize exactly what it is that I am doing while I am off in what seems like some luxurious place where I have tons of free time to explore the city, meet people, and add names to the list of people I have screwed.

I can remember back to the very first vacation I took with friends-no parents involved. We stayed in a condo on Treasure Island, and spent our evenings running the streets of Ybor City. As we were preparing for our trip, people kept saying to just be careful. "Be careful.... just.. be safe..." was said in the most solemn of voices. People assumed we were going to Tampa to meet guys and get laid. I was taken aback by these ridiculous assumptions. We were headed to Tampa simply because we were offered a condo at an amazing price. Our agenda was sun-bathing, wave crashing, and drinking at the bar. We had no idea Ybor City even existed. We found it though... and this pretty much sums up our time spent there:

We never did shack up with any guys... and that was never our intention.

Fact: I am able to travel more often for leisure due to Miles earned while flying across the country for my job.
Fact: I DO get to see some cool ish and I DO visit some beautiful places.
Fact: I do NOT enjoy living out of a bag.
Fact: Clothing gets lost, shoes get damaged, and luggage gets torn while en route.
Fact: I am in and out of a buttload of Public Restrooms
Fact: Hotel Food disgusts me. (i would much prefer a home cooked vegan meal)
Fact: Staying home is a small luxury. (as far as I'm concerned)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fly, Birdie, Fly

Driving home from work tonight I could feel my body tense... uncomfortable. The snow is thick, the roads are slick, and traffic is slow. I felt unsafe. I could not get home soon enough. Due to my recent car accident, I trust no one. Not even myself.

Although the snow is dangerous to drive in, and causes life to slow down, it IS beautiful. Tonight, even as I stare out my window now, the snow is still falling.

As I was walking the dog this evening, up above, I noticed a flock of Black Birds all gathered in the naked, snow-tipped trees. There were hundreds of them. Every few moments, they would all at once fly out of the trees causing a commotion and find a new tree to gather in. As I looked above to watch the birds, the snowflakes were dropping right in to my eyes wide open. As I blinked them off, it was hard to keep my eyes open to watch the activity of the birds. I had a camera ready to take pictures of these black birds that had become an instant fascination. Unfortunately, I could only capture the white snowflakes. The blackness of the birds blended in with the dark sky up above.

The dog was oblivious to the swarming birds and the commotion they were causing. He was busy creating the first footprints in the snow and pushing his face through the fluffy snow. When he finally lifted his head out of the snow, it was completely covered in the white fluffy mess. Was pretty cute.

As the pooch was taking care of his business, I heard a noise. ::PLOP:: I looked up and realized that I was standing directly underneathe a bare tree filled with birds. I looked down, closely at the mess that had plopped down on to the wet groud and realized that it was bird poo. Close call - as I was only standing a few inches from where the poo had plopped.

Right then, I knew it was time to get back inside where we are safe. From the slickness of the snow. The bitter coldness against my face. And the plopping of bird poo up and down the street.

Although the air was bitter cold... it was refreshing. And, I have yet to de-cipher my fascination with birds....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Emotional Cowboy

I received a text today from a good friend. He asked that I blog it.

"Being emotional is borderline crazy... Heart won't follow the facts
or guide lines.... Cross the line and find yourself insane."

"Heart can drive you to victory, it can take you to the top. But once it's broken, it becomes your anchor."

-cowboy drew

I worry about him....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

i am mermaid.

The 4 Steps to becoming a Mermaid:
#1. strip down to minimal clothing and allow artist to paint fins with glitteratti blingin acrylic paint
#2. Photographer snaps shots in multiple "mermaid-like" positions
#3. artist sketch (see below)
#4. the final image including iridescent gliteratti fun. (coming soon)

I was reminded today that i was still eating hotdogs, porkchops, burgers, bacon, and bologna when the early stages of my mermaid-ness were taking place. nasty.
in this photo, i was a carnivore. blah.
xox Bird* a.k.a Ariel

Vegan Pig